Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning Edition

This morning, Anders announced:

"I know I've been good.  I would be okay if I just got sticks and stones in my stocking, though... I wouldn't get frustrated, I'd make something out of them.  I'd make the Titanic out of the stick, and an iceberg out of the stones.  Or I'd add the stick to my woods collection.  It would be okay."

Later: "Did you think I was just going to get sticks and stones in my stocking because I always stick my face in Annika's face and when you tell me not to, I still do it anyway?"

It seems like he spent some time soul-searching this year about which list he might be on.

Annika, while opening Santa presents: COOL! OH COOL! COOL! OOOO COOL! COOL!

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