Sunday, December 5, 2010

Anders' Christmas List So Far

Anders added to his wish list today.  Try to figure out what he wants from his own writing.  I placed spaces between the words to make it easier... even though he doesn't put them in yet.

1. u plaamoobil hos
2. plaamoobil fir hos
3. theree cishins
4. legoo stor ws
5. gi joo ikoo vvucl
6. rc rumoo cuntrool cor
7. transfoormr
8. knex
9. u traan sit
10. at-at wocr
11. iurn man moobil lab
12. rumoo cuntrol mlineem vlcon
13. u lagoo hos
14. drem hoom

JUST ADDED - apparently he wants the following stuff the most.
15. u plaamoobil Titanic
16. u cor
17. u plaamoobil arpoort
18. u lego sumren (but he said plaamoobil when he explained it)

He actually asked me: "Is Santa going to be able to read this?"  Yes, honey.  I'm sure he'll figure it out.

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